Bible Covers

Bible Covers

A bible cover is any of a wide variety of protective coverings that are used to protect the binding and pages of aBible coversBible. Various distinctions exist between exterior covers intended for hardcover and softcover bibles. The also come in various sizes, such as S, M, L and XL Bible covers. Modern, commercially available covers can be used to protect bibles of all types of bindings, including bibles with dust jackets, ring-bindings, and other, older types of bible covers, such as paper boards and hand-binding. At, you will find a vast number of bible covers to choose from.

Why Buy Bible Covers?

Your Bible will last for years if you keep it in your book case or drawer and never read it. But, if you are like most people and love reading the Bible, if you want to take it to church or Bible study classes, you may want to consider purchasing a Bible cover. Here are some reasons why.

  • A Bible cover will make your Bible last longer. It will help protect your Bible from damage. In addition, covers are especially useful if your bible is not the most durable.
  • Bible covers often have additional pockets or spaces to to carry other items, such as pens, pencils and paper for taking notes. Bible organizers and bible briefcases are two examples of popular bible cover styles that often contain such features.
  • Bibles are large and heavy and often difficult to carry. A bible cover with a handle will make it much easier to take your bible to church or study.
  • Bible covers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes and materials. Have fun choosing the right bible cover that is both functional and beautiful!

Which Bible Cover Is The Best To Buy?

Consider the following points when deciding which bible covers to buy:

  • How will you use your Bible cover and where will you carry your Bible? features the best bible covers on the market. You will find bible covers with zippers, pockets, straps and handles. Be sure to select the one that’s right for your and your lifestyle.
  • Before making your purchase, Measure your Bible and buy a bible cover that is a little larger than the size of the Bible. If you often carry a note pad, pens, or pencils with your Bible, be sure to buy a cover that is slightly larger to accommodate these accessories.
  • Remember the functions that your Bible cover will serve. For example, your cover will not just be a way to carry your Bible. You will also be carrying all of your bible accessories, so be sure to select a style that makes both Bible and accessory transport easier.
  • Don’t stop at just one Bible cover! Consider all the Bibles you carry with you and the conditions in which you carry them. Choose Bible covers that will protect your Bible in all weather conditions. Be sure to buy Bible covers for each Bible you own.
  • Don’t forget the accessories that will help you with your Bible study. These include pens, pencils, highlighters, and note pads. These are also available at

Types Of Bible Covers

Leather Bible Covers

bible covers

This is an example of a saddleback leather bible cover available at Amazon. This cover is perfect for men, women, girls and boys. It will keep your bible safe from water, dirt and dust and is made to last a lifetime. In fact, it comes with an amazing 100 year warranty! The leather is super thick and is made of boot grade leather, which is much thicker than cheaper leather. This bible cover is made of a single piece of leather and is stitched with marine-grade thread. Buy this bible cover and you’ll never need to buy another! To learn more about this bible cover, or to purchase it on Amazon, simply click on the picture.

bible covers

This is another amazing leather bible cover available on Amazon. Customers are raving about it in reviews and calling it a work of art! Many have said it is even more beautiful than in the picture. It has a hand-tooled filigree overlay and features and an antique brown steel praying cowboy. It also has a zipper enclosure to offer your bible 100% protection.

bible covers

This is a classic man-made leather bible cover and is a very popular choice on Amazon. It has a back slip pocket to hold your papers and notebooks, as well as an interior mesh pocket to hold even more! This bible cover has a carry handle to make transporting your bible easier and has a pen loop inside to further support your bible study needs. Comes in various sizes, so be sure to select the perfect size for your bible.