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Cool Crosses

Cool Crossescool crosses

At, we believe that faith in God should not come at the cost of style. That’s why we are proud to review a selection of cool crosses on Amazon. As all Christians know, the cross is a symbol of all that Jesus was willing to give for the redemption of humanity. Crucifixion was one of the most agonizing ways to die. But Jesus chose this method above all others to show his love for mankind. Therefore, there is no more powerful symbol of Jesus’  love than the cross. The cross is a symbol of humanity’s redemption from sin, deliverance from pain and the end of life’s burdens. Wear these crosses and show the world your faith in God, your belief in the powerful symbolism of the cross, and your unique style.

Cool Crosses – Men’s Necklace With Psalm 23

cool crosses

This is a very cool cross necklace for men that will make an excellent gift for any occasion. This necklace features Psalm 23 inscribed in tiny letters on a 24 karat gold cross. You will be amazed at how entire psalm fits on such as small cross! You can choose to order this beautiful, cool cross pendant with or without the chain. The chain measures 20 inches, or 50 centimeters. The cross is 0.6X0.9 inches or 15X24mm. What’s more, you can choose either a sterling silver or gold plated frame. Wear this cool cross and show the world that the Lord is your shepherd, that He protects you and will provide you with all you need.

Cool Crosses – Gold Plated Cross Necklace with Psalm 23 Inscribed in Russian in 24k Gold

This is an absolutely beautiful cool cross pendant for women. In addition, it also features Psalm 23, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”. This cross is in the Russian Orthodox style. It is pure, 24 karat gold inscribed on a gorgeous blue Swarovski crystal. This cool cross pendant comes with an 18 inch or 45 cm Italian gold-filled chain and the chain has a spring ring clasp. You can’t beat this cool cross for a gift for any occasion, including Christmas, Easter, graduation, confirmation or any other celebration. The surface of the stone is .3″, or 8mm and the entire Psalm 23 is inscribed on the surface! Every necklace comes with a magnifying glass to read the Psalm and closely admire its beauty.

14K Yellow Gold Woven Cool Celtic Cross Pendant

If you are looking for a beautiful, unique cool cross pendant, you are going to love this yellow gold woven Celtic cross. You can buy this cross with or without the chain. In addition, if you choose to buy the chain with it, chains with a length of 18 inches are suitable for most people. It is made of solid 14k gold, meaning that the pendant is not bonded, plated or filled. Wear this cool cross pendant with almost any outfit you own! Furthermore, the pendant is 19mm (0.75 in) x 27mm (1.06 in). In addition, it weighs 1.7g.  The 18″ necklace weighs 2.7g, and the chain is 0.6mm thick. You can select a chain that is either 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, or 24 inches long. Order this cool cross now and you won’t be disappointed!