How To Read The Bible Consistently

How To Read The Bible Consistently

How To Read The Bible Consistently

If you are a Bible student, you may be wondering about how to read the Bible consistently. You may have started reading very enthusiastically but over time, you find yourself reading less and less. There are so many distractions in many people’s lives so it’s understandable that some people feel that reading the bible is one of the many things they can easily put off.

Understandably, family, work and probably friends take precedence over reading the Bible. It is something that you feel you can do whenever you want to. However, if you look deeper, you might realize that you can actually afford to spend more time on the Bible.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

Did you ever wonder why it is so easy for you to put off reading the Bible? Have you asked yourself how you can spend hours reading social media yet cannot spend a minute to read a verse in the Bible?

The reason is simple.


As a Christian, you look at reading the Bible as part of your obligation. You consider it your duty to read the Bible and not as a source of spiritual food for your soul.

Because this is, what the Bible is.

It is your source of spiritual enlightenment and soul enrichment. For this reason, you need to view reading the bible as a habit, a part of your daily life and not as a duty, you need to fulfill as a Christian.

Consistency Is Attainable

Maintaining consistency is hard but it’s doable. You can do many things to maintain consistency when it comes to reading the Bible.

Here are a few of them. Make these points part of your plan:

  • Make reading the Bible a habit. Start yourself on something small and easy. Allot five to 10 minutes of your time reading a few verses. As the days passed, increase your reading time until it becomes a daily habit.
  • Schedule your reading time. This is something you really need to do until you have turned reading into a habit
  • Set a schedule for your reading.
  • You can set it in the morning before you start your day or at night before you go to bed. You choose any time that will be convenient for you or when you have the least distraction.
  • Limit your distractions. Yes, this may seem easier said than done but it’s not impossible. Make sure you remove all your gadgets during the time you have scheduled your reading.
  • Avoid interaction with other when it is time for you to read, unless you are in a Bible reading group.
  • Do not schedule tasks that you know will coincide with your reading schedule.
  • Be active and not passive. Keeping attention can be very difficult sometimes. Be an active reader instead of a passive one.
  • You can use tools like pens, pencils, markers to mark or encircle words that may have had an impact to you.
    You can start a journaling Bible to write comments or thoughts.
  • Choose a Bible that you find easy to read and understand. There are many Bible translations available and it is important that you choose the one that suits your need.
  • There are also different types of Bible. Depending on what your needs are you can choose a journaling Bible, study Bible, or just a simple reading Bible.
  • Appearance matters. If you are doing daily reads, buying a big and heavy Bible may be a bit daunting.
    Font sizes also matters if you are reading. You can appreciate a large print bible to a smaller font.
    The quality of paper is important especially if you are using your Bible as a reading Bible. A good quality paper should have longevity.
  • Involve your love ones. Involve your children and partner. Make it a topic of conversation during rest time or dinnertime.
  • As you build your relationship with God, your relationship with your family also grows.
  • Make it a social activity. Join Bible reading groups or ask friends over to hold readings.
  • Sharing with others can help you learn how they jumped over the hurdle of maintaining consistency.
  • Ask the Lord’s guidance. Your relationship with God grows through Bible reading. It strengthens your spiritual bond with Him.

Conclusion – How To Read The Bible Consistently

As you read more, you learn more and get to know God better. Like any relationship, it needs two to make it work.
The best way to form this is by asking God for His guidance. Regardless of what your preferences are, do not let anyone pressure you.

Reading the Bible consistently does not mean you have to do it daily. It means developing a good spiritual relationship with God through reading His words.