Simple Bible Reading Plan

Simple Bible Reading Plan

simple bible reading plan

A new, simple Bible reading plan has been released. It approaches the Bible in a new and innovative way that you have never seen before. With this plan, you will be able to read all of the way through the Bible. In other words you will be able to read through the Bible chronologically! In addition, you will be able to accomplish this in only a year. If, like most people, you have never done this before, you will surely stand out among your peers. Not only that, reading the Bible will help you please God.

Simple Bible Reading Plan Facts

Did you know that:

1 – Only about 10% of Christians have ever read the Bible from cover to cover. You may even never have considered doing so, Like many other Christians, you may have thought this goal was impossible.

2 – Many Christians who do read the Bible have difficulty fully understanding it. Sure, there are many famous Bible translations. Nonetheless, many sections of the Bible are not well-known by Christians without theological training.

3 – Due to the fast pace of our modern world, many Christians believe that they simply do not have the time to dedicate to God or to Bible study. This may simply be because they don’t know how to best approach Bible study.

The new program is “Through the Bible . . . as It Happened”. If you use this program you will gain a much better understanding of Scripture because of how the program works and because of what features are included in it.

This simple Bible reading plan is a great way to understand the Bible. It also has many helpful features to help you while you’re reading. The word chronological means “in order”. The content contained in the Bible is “themed”. This means that the Bible authors focused on specific situations and events. Then, they assembled their work in “book” format. In each book, they let the subject matter serve as their guide.

What’s Great About This Bible Reading Plan?

As you may already know, there are 39 books in the Old Testament and another 27 books in the New Testament. These books cover a time period of no less than 4,500 years. In addition, they are not in chronological order. In fact, simple bible reading planif you’ve read any parts of the Bible already, you know that the books often jump back and forth. This makes it difficult for most readers to comprehend what is happening. In addition, the connection of each Bible event to one another can easily be lost.

This is why the author of this program, David Shreve, arranged the Bible material in such a way that it flows more smoothly. All the events take place in chronological order, much in the way most novels do. Start from the beginning and read through in chronological order to the end.

This is the very foundation of this outstanding, simple Bible reading plan.

Why This Plan Is Better Than Others

Of course, you may find other chronological Bible reading plans. Some of these plans are very simple and take only a single page of paper. Others are hard cover books that re-arrange the Scriptures into a single volume. So why is this program so much better than all the others?

1 – The re-arrangement is outstanding. The author began this arrangement in 1974, long before similar plans existed. Then, he read the Bible all the way through year after year using this plan. Through the years, he researched, re-wrote and revised – and revised some more. Finally, he released this program on a large scale in 2018. This is probably the most thorough, most complete Bible reading plan in existence. Imagine the painstaking effort to arrange everything in chronological order. The results speak for themselves!

2 – The additional helpful material that is included. You will probably never find a Bible reading plan that explains the most difficult parts of the Bible in such a thorough way. This is not simple a re-arrangement of the Scriptures. A simple re-arrangement is not enough for most laymen to gain a full understanding of the Bible. They need better explanations of the material.

About The Author

Mr. Shreve has a degree in the Bible and a minor in Greek. He has spent his entire life studying the Bible. He started during his time at Cedarville University and continues today. It is interesting to note that Mr. Shreve has hundreds of books about theology and many Bible-related books. Most consider his views to be Evangelical. You can rest assured that Mr. Shreve is transparent about the few instances where his views differ from Orthodoxy, so you never have to worry.

You will find extensive notes, too. This simple Bible study plan includes over 1200 pages, so it is very extensive. Nourish your mind and your soul with this excellent Bible study plan.

Start using this material today. You can find it here.

simple bible reading plan